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Jul 24 2011

The Summary

Check out our team, , the journey is there.

Thanks to my CMA Adam (and the rest of the team) for the idea to log our time together this summer. This, and the end of the summer Schurz slideshow, are fantastic

CMs and a large majority of staff (CS/SOM/CMA/LS) moved out today. A large majority of the other SDs move out tomorrow. I leave Monday.

Absolutely great things came out of our culture and CM effectiveness data. out of the 100 criteria that CMs rated, from variety of food to copy center ease of use, to beliving that TAL was helpful in their development as a teacher, Schurz HS exceed the overall institute average on 97 of them.

Digest that for a moment. Then you will know how amazing of a summer the Bulldogs of Carl Schurz High School had.

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