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Jun 16 2011

Day One Reflections

Day one is behind me.  I’ve gotten to work on my week one schedule, assigned my CMAs to the subjects they will be supporting, planned my meeting with the school administration I am having tomorrow am, talked about the Thursday school team meetings I will be facilitating throughout the summer to monitor the performance of my students and Corps Members, and so many other things!

I am consistently impressed with what I will refer to as Institute 2.0. Life is very different (so far) from what I experienced in Los Angeles six years ago.  Technology is on-point, the food has been stellar, the location feels very connected to the city (green line runs behind my dorm), and the level of expectations for development are sky high.  One thing that was similar was the line for breakfast (and specifically coffee) I experienced this morning with my drowsy roommates.  Needless to say, tomorrow the same mistake will not be made as I brought my programmable coffee maker from Saint Louis.  Thank goodness!

Tomorrow starts early (7 am) with traveling to my school site to meet the administration and as many faculty and staff members as possible.  You only get one chance to make a first impression and mine comes tomorrow!  I am so excited.  I will learn the bell schedule, dress code, attendance policy, room assignments, student enrollment and a number of other tantalizing bits of information in advance of Monday’s official Institute start.

I also am happy to say I got in a run tonight between sessions and when the dining hall closed.  Granted, it was only 25 minutes, however, it represents prioritizing exercise (one of my personal goals) and actually executing instead of just wishing I had executed.  I know how to get to the lakeshore path now and although I didn’t make it tonight, I know on the next run, when I have more time, I will.  High expectations flow through both my personal and professional lives.  BRING IT ON.

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