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Jun 11 2011

Approaching blast-off!

Well, final preparations have begun for my move to IIT and the Chicago Institute. I am having conversations with my team about logistics of Weekend 0 (for staff only) and Week 1 (with CMs). Teaching begins Week 2 with observations at our school site during the first week which seems so far away but work is already in progress to support high student outcomes.

In addition to general excitement about the upcoming work, I would like to highlight one thing that I am particularly excited about.  That is the debut of the new Corps Values during the Induction period this year and the frame it puts on the movement.

The values are

  • Transformational Change
  • Leadership
  • Team
  • Diversity
  • Respect and Humility

Each value has its own special part to play in crafting the movement to end educational inequity.  The achievement gap will not close if we do not work tirelessly to fundamentally transform the current,  broken, educational system.  Without a sense of leadership, who is going to own and execute the vision for this change?  The work we do is hard, in fact the hardest work there is to choose as a career and doing it as a member of the team helps distribute the load and empower each other to continue the fight.  In developing partnerships with the communities we serve, acknowledging the role races and class play in our interactions with them, we must place a high value on diversity if we are to be successful.  Finally, as relative newcomers in the educational area and in the communities we serve, we must operate in a way that models respect and humility for the betterment of the partnership that must be formed between all sectors (families, districts, other fields intersecting this charge) in this battle.

Wow.  Less than 72 hours.

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