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Jun 07 2011

Summer School Site Assignment

I’ve been initially told my placement for the summer. It’s a north side Chicago school that boasts the third highest enrollment in the state of Illinois (~2200). It is 81% Hispanic (with the rest being a mix of white/black/asian) student population that has a 59% graduation rate. 49% of freshman are on track to graduate and ~90% of students qualify for free or reduced price lunch. Recent declines have been seen in ACT/PSAE/AP scores and Average Daily Attendance (ADA) is 82%*.  Another interesting fact, a 1990 TFA alum just completed his first year as principal.  I am very excited to support the work he has done in his first year leading school turnaround there.

This journey becomes more real every day. I can hardly contain my excitement any longer! TFA-eve for Chicago’s Institute, as a CM-blogger put it, is still 13 days away but I feel like my summer has just officially started. Now I know the school and the students we will be serving.

*Data based on 2010-2012 School Improvement Plan: Year 1.

Oh, and we are the Bulldogs!

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